4 years of experience

About Ricardo Antonetty

Hey everyone! I'm a United States Marine Veteran of 11yrs. I chose this profession after I got done to assist people in their everyday lives! I've been a trainer, group fitness instructor, and group fitness coordinator since 2016 now and I love helping people reach their goals. I have worked with several age groups, medical post rehabilitation clients, and military/service men and women.

If you know deep down in your heart that it's time to start LIVING instead of sitting around and doing the same thing everyday.....Then Let's work together to Train4Living today!

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)
TRX Certified
Exercise is Medicine
EXOS: Speedo Fit Training

5 years of experience

About Joyce Antonetty

My joy as a personal trainer comes from seeing the smiles, and sometimes tears, from a client achieving their goals. Whether it be fitting into clothes they haven't been able to use, being able to walk upstairs without breathing heavily, or just getting stronger so that they can compete in a competition; we all have different fitness goals, and as a personal trainer my goal is to help you find the way to overcome your obstacles and help you reach the health goals you have trouble reaching on your own!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Exercise is Medicine Credential, Certified Online Trainer- Online Training Academy

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
Certified Online Trainer (OTA)